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Market Research

Market Research

Market intelligence gathered from market research is a crucial aspect of strategic decision making.

Let the primary and secondary research tools used by Panaly assist you in obtaining the most relevant data and insights.

Feasibility Studies And Business Plans

Feasibility Studies, Valuations and Business Plans

Will the project succeed? What is the value of an existing business? and What is the anticipated return on the investment? are important in understanding the financial viability of a project.

Panaly’s feasibility studies and business plans can assist you in answering these questions.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

In today's highly competitive world, strategic decision making is crucial in optimizing the success of any organization.

Panaly’s strategy consulting services integrate market insight with financial and operational data to provide you with strategic recommendations.

Investor Search

Investor Search

Projects, whether small startups or large scale developments, may require raising capital from outside sources such as third party investors, banks and financing houses.

Let Panaly assist you in finding the right finance for your project.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

With the development of an increasingly interconnected online community negative feedback spreads faster than positive feedback.

Let Panaly’s mystery shopping services assist you in evaluating your customer service levels, ensuring continued customer satisfaction.

Your Partner In Business Advisory


Founded to answer the strong need in the UAE and GCC market for strong and reliable market data and insights, Panaly brings together a complementary mix of backgrounds and cultures to provide dynamic and unchartered results in the fields of market research, feasibility studies, business plans, valuations and strategy consulting.

With over a decade of experience, Panaly’s team of consultants excels in providing business advisory services including planning, innovating and developing the right match for the right market along with you. With a strong focus on providing businesses, from small-scale entrepreneurs to larger multinational corporations to other consulting companies, with business consultancy services that can be implemented with ease, Panaly’s business consultants aim to integrate market intelligence and operational data to support financial and strategic plans.


Business Intelligence Services

By utilizing tailor-made methodologies and tools such as primary and secondary market research, financial modeling for feasibility studies and business plans, and roadmap creation and implementation, we can assist with:

  • Identifying opportunities and threats
  • Identifying the right keys and tools for strategic decision making

Operating across a diverse range of sectors, Panaly believes that the key to a successful business plan or strategy lies in personalized business consultancy services that will gather and analyse data that are specific to your operations.

To know more about our services, please contact us at +9714 447 2552 or, our business consultants in the UAE will be happy to further discuss your needs and requirements.